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Full Form of RTO / RTA

Other November 5, 2016

What is the full form of RTO ? Here in this article you can read the full name of RTA or full form of RTO. You can also get many other information regarding RTO.

Most Commonly used Full Form of RTO

The full form of RTO is Regional Transport Office. This is the most Commonly used Full Form of RTO, if you are living in India.

Why you should know the full form of RTO ?

You must know the full form of RTO, if you are living in India. This is because all of we need to transport from one place to another for doing day to day actives and living. Since transportation is an essential part of our life, we must know the full form of RTO, their duties, responsibilities, etc.

Full form of RTA

The full form of RTA is Regional Transport Authority. RTA is an alternate name for RTO. Both are regarded as same.


The Regional Transport Office (RTO) or Regional Transport Authority (RTA) is an organisation of the Indian government which is responsible for maintaining a database of vehicles and a database of drivers for various India states. The RTO/RTA issues driving licences, organises collection of road tax and road fund licence and sells personalised registrations numbers. RTO is also responsive for the inspection of vehicle’s insurance and pollution clearance certificate. RTO was established under the act of 1988. Today, most of the RTOs in India have been computerised for centralised information storing and retrieving.

Other Full Form of RTO

There is another full form for RTO which is Real Time Optimisation. This is the less used full form for RTO.

About Real Time Optimisation (RTO)

Real Time Optimisation is a type of software which is used on web servers to improve the performance of server software, in real time.

Uses of RTO (Real Time Optimisation)

Real Time Optimisation (RTO) provides a real time view & control of IT infrastructure including servers, applications, network devices, etc. By using an RTO software/App, you can track & report configuration changes, maintain your IT infrastructure information regarding software licenses, map application dependencies & other related tasks.

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